The hive that inspires transform

Wellness Hive was born through inspiration from society’s beekeeping system. An incredible communion that makes the entire hive work in all areas and in excellence with the environment. In the same way, Wellness Hive mirrors this entire system, creating harmony in each process, both organizationally and in the manufacturing of its products, aiming to seek a balance between natural products, healthy living, prevention and care for the environment.

The passion for bringing health to every home led to the emergence of Wellness Hive, a brand created and designed by the FARM4 group, a company that was born from a group of entrepreneurial friends whose line of thought is to cultivate natural well-being, because it is only genuine if it is for everyone. Take products based on natural resources, which are certainly essential for a healthy life. With the aim of efficiently serving the global market, Wellness Hive begins operations with facilities in Brazil, the United States and Portugal.

Impacting the world with our essence is our purpose, we want happier homes, people looking for a new healthy lifestyle, prioritizing love, care and especially the ecosystem in which we live and share. Everything is born inside the hive, inspires the hive and spreads to many other hives.

The time has come to be the best version of ourselves, that’s why we are WELLNESS HIVE!


We value balance, the search for a healthy lifestyle, which everyone can have access to. An honest company that seeks to combine the search for a sustainable life with the need for a healthy lifestyle.


We have experience in manufacturing responsible products, which carry values ​​in the construction of each formula, this need becomes even broader, reaching several families, inspiring with all the love contained in each bottle.


In the 21st century, it is essential to understand the need for attention that our planet demands. This thought needs to be primordial and alive in the soul of each company, and this is very present in the values ​​of Wellness Hive. Taking care of the environment is everyone’s duty.

Industrial park

Suppliers with industrial parks equipped with modern machinery, minimizing manual contact and leaving production robotic, increasing safety and speed in production.

Furthermore, the distribution system is intelligent, ensuring the efficient distribution of products with safety, quality and effectiveness, as it has a trained logistics sector and partner companies, which guarantee delivery to retail chains, independent stores and exports.

Modern Laboratories

Suppliers Laboratories equipped with high technology and highly qualified professionals to carry out physical-chemical analyzes of the identity, purity and quality of raw materials. In addition to research and development of formulations and standardization of extracts used in our products.

Certified Quality Assurance

Our quality is assured by national and international certifications. Wellness Hive is one of the few companies in the sector with ISO 22,000, internationally recognized for the Food Safety Management System, guaranteeing excellence at each stage of production.